4 / 100
Papers Payable to ACCA-UK Payable to SBM
Registration Fee (one time) £45 10,000
Applied Knowledge module (per paper)-CBE
BT Business Technology
MA Management Accounting
FA Financial Accounting
CBEs: £85 17,000
Applied Skills module (per paper) CBE
LW Corporate & Business Law £100 17,000
LW Corporate & Business Law
PM Performance Management
TX Taxation
FR Financial Reporting
AA Audit Assurance
FM Financial Management
accaglobal.com for exam fee 20,000
Strategic Professional Module (ESSENTIAL) (per paper)
SBL – Strategic Business Leader

SBR – Strategic Business Reporting

accaglobal.com for exam fee 30,000


Strategic Professional module (Optional ANY 2) (per paper)
AFM Advanced Financial Management
APM Advanced Performance Management
ATX Advance Taxation
AAA Advanced Audit & Assurance
accaglobal.com for exam fee 25,000
Annual Subscription Fee £134 (1st annual fee is £58)
Re-registration Fee £89 plus any previous outstanding