The policy for the submission of assignments is that all assignments should be submitted on time as indicated by the Module tutor. If students miss the deadline, they can submit evidence in mitigation of the late submission. The course team will meet to consider the mitigation requests from students within two weeks after each submission date.


To enable the learner to enquire, question or appeal against an assessment decision.

To attempt to reach agreement between the learner and the assessor at the earliest opportunity.

To standardize and record any appeal to ensure openness and fairness.

To facilitate a learner’s ultimate right of appeal to the awarding body, where appropriate.

To protect the interests of all learners and the integrity of the qualification.

In order to do this, the center will:

Inform the learner at induction, of the Appeals Policy and procedure.

Record, track and validate any appeal.

Forward the appeal to the awarding body when a learner considers that a decision continues to disadvantage her/him after the internal appeals process has been exhausted.

Keep appeals records for inspection by the awarding body for a minimum of 18 months.

Have a staged appeals procedure.

Take appropriate action to protect the interests of other learners and the integrity of the qualification, when the outcome of an appeal questions the validity of other results.

Monitor appeals to inform quality improvement.