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IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a ticket for anybody to acquire better learning and employment is colleges and companies abroad in colleges and companies abroad. Having a high report in the IELTS certification makes you globally competitive. Additionally the IELTS documentation lasts a couple of years.

Some other benefits of IELTS certification are as follows:

Internally recognized

Very thorough having enough tasks to measure your English level with high accuracy

Its growth has been mesmerizing during the last decade it’s becoming incredibly popular, dethroning others tests.

IELTS is also a mandatory part of ACCA for those who want to avail BS (Hons) degree in Applied Accountancy form OBU.

Realizing the prerequisite of ACCA students to obtain this certification, SBM is initiating IELTS classes from Mrs. Bushra Abbas, a renowned Cert. TESOL teacher known for her prolific  results in O /A levels English language, IELTS as well as CA examinations will be conducting these classes.