What is CA?

Chartered Accountancy is a rewarding career in various fields of business and finance,
including financial reporting, audit, taxation, financial and general management. Chartered Accountants are largely engaged in public practice and private sector. They are also extremely successful entrepreneurs. To become a Chartered Accountant, one needs to be motivated, possess analytical skills, numerical ability and intense cognizance of the world of business and finance. More specifically, it requires study of accountancy, auditing, taxation, corporate laws, corporate finance, economics and management and information systems.

Credentials of CA Qualifications

  • Chartered Accountants are recognized as the only professionals to be appointed as Auditor of limited companies with large capital base. (Companies Ordinance, 1984)
  • The Chartered Accountancy is one of the required qualifications to be eligible to be appointed as Chief Financial Officer, Head of Internal Audit and Company Secretary. (Code of Corporate Governance applicable on listed companies)
  • About 25% of the chartered accountants are working in more than 40 countries globally at respectable management positions.

International Recognition


Under the MoU signed between ICAP and ICAEW, ICAP members get exemption from the Professional Stage exams and mandatory training of ICAEW. ICAP members are required to complete the Advanced Stage exams and the Ethics module for admission to membership of ICAEW.


ICAP members with 12 year experience, through Evaluation of Experience (EvE) program, are eligible to become members of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants without appearing in any further examinations.

ICAP members meeting the general membership criteria are also eligible for membership subject to:

  • Having a university degree granted by a recognized university;
  • Passing the final examination (the CA Profession’s Uniform Evaluation – UFE); and
  • Meeting the practical experience requirements (term, depth, breadth and progression) of the Canadian CA profession. Practical experience obtained pre- and post-qualification as a member of the ICAP is included.

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